1. Basic policy

We recognizes the importance of the personal information, thinks it's social obligation to protect personal information, obeys a decree about personal information and does acquisition, use and management of the personal information treated by our site properly. The information collected by our site is treated appropriately in the reach of the use destination.

2. Coverage

This privacy policy is applied to our site.

When a customer bought a goods at our site, the following personal information is acquired.
a) your name
b) your address
c) your telephone number
d) mail address
e) delivery previous information
f) the history of dealings with us and the contents
g) the information a specific individual can distinguish by combining the above

3. Use of personal information

The use purpose of the personal information I kept for a customer is as follows in heisono.
a) the confirmation you ordered and inquiry
b) confirmation of shipping off of goods and inquiry
c) the answer the time you inquire
d) news from us

Elucidating personal information in a third person without customer's permission except for the following case by heisono and offering it isn't done.
a) when it's based on a decree.
b) when personal information is necessary for protection of the life of the person or assets. When it's difficult to get customer's consent at the same time.
c) the case which offers personal information to our affiliated company.

4. Management of personal information

Our site manages the information you offered from a customer completely.
a) in the securement of accuracy of information.
b) in safety control measure

5. Revision of personal information, addition and elimination

When elucidation of personal information, correction, addition, elimination and a use stop from the customer person himself were hoping, I confirmed that I'm the person himself and it'll correspond promptly.

6. About use of cookie

Our site sends Cookie to customer's computer.
When using a website with Cookie , they're the use history sent and received between the browser and the server and the mechanism to preserve the input contents as a file in customer's computer.

7. About use of SSL

These information intercepts for security securement at the time of input of personal information, and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology is being used for the purpose of preventing interfering or being altered dishonestly.

8. Change of a privacy policy

Our site obeys the Japanese decree applied about personal information as well as reconsiders the contents of this private policy accordingly and makes an effort toward the improvement. The corrected latest privacy policy is always elucidated in this page.

9. Question

Please inform the following of a question about handling of personal information of us.

Maruri Yshida Meichaen
Oinoki 45-2, Oguracho, Uji-shi, Kyoto
Tel and Fax : 0774-24-0320
Mail : info@yoshida-meichaen.jp