Tea leaves produced by the cultivation and processing technique passed on from our 14th Tea Master, Yoshida Kisaburo. The technique was certified as an intangible cultural property of Uji City in 1970. Tea plants for this product are grown in some of the best fertilization-managed tea gardens among many of our own. We are assigned to take care of the oldest tea garden in Japan at Kozan-ji Temple in Toganoo, Kyoto, which is the birthplace of Uji-cha. Hagami Shocho, the monk at the temple, spoke very highly of this tea and named it as “Kiwamecha”, the tea of extra quality.

*This is the best quality Uji-cha among our products, using the tea leaves harvested in our best manuring-controlled tea garden.

45g:1,500yen 100g:3,000yen

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