Hand-kneaded Gyokuro

This special Gyokuro is made with tea leaves from specially selected tea plants, picked in a unique way. The Tea Master carefully kneads and rolls the steamed tea leaves by hand for four to five hours while drying them on a paper-covered frame placed over a charcoal brazier. This excellent Uji-cha is a product of traditional techniques, and only 700 grams can be produced in a single preparation. Gyokuro literally means “jewel-like dewdrop”, and the taste and flavor of the tea brewed with these tea leaves, which are rolled as thin as needles, is worthy of the name. The tea-kneading process by our 14th Tea Master, Yoshida Kisaburo, has been certified as an intangible cultural property of Uji City.

45g:5,000yen 100g:10,000yen

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